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Gynekologi Stockholm

Experts in gynecology

CMedical Gynekologi Stockholm

Your private gynecology clinic and competence center for women's health in Stockholm city center.

We welcome women at all stages of life as private paying patients or through health insurance. Many of our treatments can also be booked through Vårdval Region Stockholm.

Under the same roof, you'll find our surgical department for gynecology and some urology, as well as our fertility clinic, CMedical Fertility.

Our philosophy is that you should get all the help you need in one place. That's why we've assembled a multidisciplinary team consisting of nurses, midwives, embryologists, urotherapists, physiotherapists, and experienced gynecologists with various specialties.

Book appointment

To schedule an appointment, please call us!
Phone: 08-404 09 99

Phone hours: Monday – Thursday, 08:00-14:00, Friday, 08:00-10:00.

For other times, feel free to leave a message on the answering machine, and we'll return your call. Please leave your phone number and social security number if you leave a message on the answering machine.

Find us on 1177
You can easily locate our clinic on 1177.
Here, you have the opportunity to communicate with us securely directly in the portal.

Should be made at least 24 hours before your scheduled visit via phone. If cancellation occurs later, unfortunately, we must charge 400 SEK for a missed appointment. We would prefer to offer the time to another patient.

You can find us on vå
You can easily find our clinic on vå
If you have visited us, please feel free to leave your review there.

Using public transportation, you can reach our clinic in Wonna Tower via the blue subway line, exit at Stadshagen, or the green metro line, exit at Fridhemsplan. If you take bus number 56, go to the S:t Görans sjukhus stop. Timetables and further information can be found on Reseplanering SL.

Handicap parking and a few parking spaces are available outside Wonna Tower. Otherwise, we recommend parking near the main entrance of S:t Görans sjukhus and in the hospital area, as well as on surrounding streets.

Prices for regionally financed healthcare

Visit to gynecologist (for individuals aged 18-84)
including gynecological examination, sampling, and ultrasound as indicated.
275 SEK

Visit to gynecologist (for individuals under 18 and over 85)
including gynecological examination, sampling, and ultrasound as indicated.

Free cards are valid for the above.

Prices for private/self-paying care

Doctor's visit, 30 minutes
Privately financed.
2,000 SEK

Pelvic floor doctor visit including 3D ultrasound, 60 minutes
4,000 SEK

Visit to midwife for ultrasound
Privately financed. Possibilities for price after consultation and additional charges for analysis costs.
800 SEK

Urotherapist visit, 30 minutes
1,700 SEK

NIPT including ultrasound
6,500 SEK

Inserting IUD/Implant
1,700 SEK

If you have private health insurance

We have agreements with all major insurance companies. If you have health insurance, we ask you to contact your insurance company and request an appointment with us.

Quality Assurance and Management Work

CMedical Gynecology operates within the framework of a corporate structure with extensive experience in providing high-quality healthcare. We have developed a quality management system with a clear structure where, in terms of quality assurance, we follow and operate according to the ISO 9001 standard. We prioritize environmental work with a focus on sustainable development, and we follow and operate here according to the ISO 14001 standard.

We are members of the employer organization Vårdföretagarna and value the conditions of our staff and their working environment.

Owner: Minerva Medica AB (organization number 556967-2826).

About us

CMedical Gynecology and Fertility in Stockholm opened in the fall of 2022 in newly renovated premises in Wonna Tower, on Kungsholmen, tailored entirely to the needs of the operation.

We care about your health and well-being
For us, it is important to provide a restful and calm environment so that you, as a visitor, have the best possible experience during your visit. This has been taken into account in the design of the clinic.

The laboratory and operating room maintain a very high standard and are furnished to maintain the highest level in terms of all essential quality parameters. The equipment used is new, modern, and high-tech.

CMedical Gynecology is a place where you can feel safe when seeking help for the investigation and treatment of gynecological problems.

Specialists in the field who are trained and experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of various conditions work here. So, regardless of the type of problem you are experiencing, you can be confident that you will receive the help you need from competent and knowledgeable experts who care about your health and well-being.

Counseling on fertility and infertility treatment
At the same clinic where we have gynecology, we offer counseling on fertility as well as fertility investigations and treatments such as IVF and insemination. We also offer the opportunity to freeze eggs and sperm for fertility preservation purposes.

Everyone is welcome to us, both couples and single individuals, and you can turn to us regardless of where you live in the country. No referral is needed. We offer both regionally and privately financed healthcare.

About Minerva Medica and CMedical
Minerva Medica AB was founded in 2014 and currently has three clinics in Stockholm and Uppsala. Minerva Medica AB is a subsidiary of CMedical – a Norwegian privately financed healthcare company with a Swedish branch.

CMedical specializes in urology, gynecology, and fertility and currently consists of a total of around ten clinics in Norway and Sweden.

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Our gynecology clinic is located in newly renovated facilities in Wonna Tower on Kungsholmen, Stockholm.
Sankt Göransgatan 126, 112 45 Stockholm
Opening hours
Phone number
08-404 09 99


We are a private healthcare provider. This means you pay for the services yourself or have the evaluation or treatment covered by health insurance.

Private care

Some of our clinics accept privately paying patients from Sweden, Norway and abroad. In collaboration with our partners, we have developed favorable financing options for those who wish to pay privately. Contact your clinic for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ensuring a seamless patient experience is our priority. If you encounter any queries or uncertainties, our contact number is conveniently located at the bottom of the page. Your convenience and peace of mind are of utmost importance to us!


No referral required. We are a private health clinic and, therefore, do not have a reimbursement agreement with the public sector.

Waiting time

We offer no to very short waiting times, typically ensuring assistance within a week. The timeframe varies depending on your specific needs; for example, simple consultations can be scheduled more quickly compared to surgeries. Feel free to contact us, and we'll find a time that suits you!

About the company

CMedical was established in 2013 and is a Nordic private healthcare provider with clinics in Norway and Sweden. We conduct approximately 50,000 consultations per year, ensuring to leverage our expertise to understand the overall health picture of our patients.

Medical examination

We recommend everyone to start with a diagnosis or consultation. A typical diagnosis with us lasts approximately 30 minutes.