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CMedical Urologi Halmstad

CMedical Urologi Halmstad provides general urological outpatient care. We strive to offer you the best possible care, and our waiting times are short. We collaborate with Carlanderska Hospital in Gothenburg.

We have both a care agreement and a care guarantee agreement with Region Halland. This means that you, as a patient, can seek care with us either through a referral from your healthcare center or through self-referral, where you describe your symptoms and the reason for wanting to visit our clinic.

We also accept patients with private insurance. Please contact your insurance company to schedule an appointment.

Over the years, we have treated thousands of patients with excellent results and high levels of satisfaction.

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You are welcome to contact us securely with your mobile Bank ID via our patient portal: Send a message by logging in here.

Contact us by phone: +46 35 16 64 43

Phone hours:
Monday – Tuesday: 08:00-15:00
Wednesday – Friday: 08:00-12:00


You can become a patient with us by filling out a self-referral!
A self-referral, or self-care request as it is also called, is a written description of your symptoms and why you are seeking care. As a patient, you write the self-referral yourself and then send it to us.

We assess the referral and decide if you can receive care with us. This means that you do not need to turn to a healthcare center to receive specialist care; instead, you can directly seek care from the clinic.

Feel free to fill out your self-referral and mail it to us; you can find the address below.

Download and fill out your self-referral here.

Send it to:

Skansgatan 1B
302 46 Halmstad

If you have health insurance

We have agreements with all leading insurance companies. If you have health insurance, we ask you to contact your insurance company and request an appointment with us.

Care agreement and care guarantee agreement with Region Halland

We have both a care agreement and a so-called care guarantee agreement with Region Halland. This means that you, as a patient, can seek care with us either through a referral from your healthcare center or through self-referral, where you describe your symptoms and the reason for wanting to visit our clinic.

You pay the standard patient fee or use your healthcare cost exemption card.

If you are under 20 or 85+, the care is free of charge.

Starting from May 1st 2023, new fee regulations apply in Region Halland regarding time limits and fees for late cancellations or missed appointments. Booked appointments should be canceled or rescheduled at least 24 hours before the scheduled time, or else a fee equivalent to the patient fee for an adult will be charged.

This applies to all ages, including those with exemption cards.

Patients who miss appointments will be charged double the fee.

Expertise in focus

The Urology Clinic in Halmstad is a comprehensive urological clinic in collaboration with CMedical Urology Carlanderska.

We conduct virtually all conceivable urological examinations and surgeries. Our surgeons have extensive and solid experience, handling almost all medical conditions.

At CMedical, you should be offered the highest expertise in your specific condition. The doctors at the specialist clinic in Halmstad have very high competence and various specializations within the field of urology. We also have a broad international network that we leverage if there is any uncertainty. Our team of experienced nurses and urotherapists assists you as a patient in various situations.

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Welcome to the urology clinic at Skansgatan 1B in Halmstad. Here, you have access to specialists in urology and urotherapy in collaboration with Carlanderska Hospital in Gothenburg.
Skansgatan 1B, 302 46 Halmstad
Opening hours
Phone number
+46 35 16 64 43


We are a private healthcare provider. This means you pay for the services yourself or have the evaluation or treatment covered by health insurance.

Private care

Some of our clinics accept privately paying patients from Sweden, Norway and abroad. In collaboration with our partners, we have developed favorable financing options for those who wish to pay privately. Contact your clinic for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ensuring a seamless patient experience is our priority. If you encounter any queries or uncertainties, our contact number is conveniently located at the bottom of the page. Your convenience and peace of mind are of utmost importance to us!


No referral required. We are a private health clinic and, therefore, do not have a reimbursement agreement with the public sector.

Waiting time

We offer no to very short waiting times, typically ensuring assistance within a week. The timeframe varies depending on your specific needs; for example, simple consultations can be scheduled more quickly compared to surgeries. Feel free to contact us, and we'll find a time that suits you!

About the company

CMedical was established in 2013 and is a Nordic private healthcare provider with clinics in Norway and Sweden. We conduct approximately 50,000 consultations per year, ensuring to leverage our expertise to understand the overall health picture of our patients.

Medical examination

We recommend everyone to start with a diagnosis or consultation. A typical diagnosis with us lasts approximately 30 minutes.